We Buy Used Cars JFR carsWe buy used cars so you can get cash the same day.

We offer this service as a convenience to our clients and customers.

Over the years customers have given us many reasons for needing to sell their vehicles, however the number one reason always comes back to convenience.

We Buy Used Cars Because People Have Many Reasons For Wanting To Sell Their Rides

Here are just a few of the reasons why people need to sell their vehicles.

People don’t want the hassle of selling the car.

They don’t want to compromise their personal safety or their home safety.

They don’t have to risk an accident while someone else is driving their vehicle for a test drive.

They don’t want strangers coming over to their home all hours of the day and evening.

They always get a fair and immediate price for their vehicle.

All the paper work is handled properly.

And finally…

They don’t’ have to worry about funds being good.

Here’s How The Program Works

The Appraisal Process

1. Bring your vehicle to us so we can get started. Call for an appointment so you won’t have to waste any of your time waiting around.

Here’s what we look for during the appraisal:

Mileage and Age
The overall mechanical condition of your vehicle
Interior and exterior condition of your vehicle
We also run a history report

2. Appraisal Offer

Our offer is good for 5 days and no more than 500 miles from the time of appraisal

3. Complete the Sale

We can start the paper work immediately upon agreement of the sale price.

We Make It Easy For You

Once we have agreed on a price this is what you will need to bring with you.

1.    Valid Registration – A current and valid registration is proof that you own the car.
2.    Current Photo ID – All titleholders should bring valid state-issued photo IDs as proof of identity.
3.    Title – Title must be provided at the time of sale or if you have an outstanding loan you will need the following.
Your lien holder’s name and phone number
The names on the account
The ten-day payoff amount
The account holder’s account and social security numbers
4.    All keys and remotes
5.    Owner’s manual if you have it
6.    Any service records you may have
7.    The vehicle

We Can Even Help You Get Out Of Your Leased Vehicle

We can help you by handling all the paper work for getting your lender paid off and make sure the paper work and title work is done properly.

Want to get out of your leased vehicle? You could sell it on your own but it is challenging.

If you must sell your vehicle before the lease if up we can make the process virtually painless and get you the money you need.

We buy used cars to make our customers happy and help them get the most money.

We will buy your used car and save you time and get you cash fast!

We buy used cars everyday.

It’s our business and we are professionals at what we do.

This Is What You Need To Do Next If You Have A Car You Want To Sell

Contact us and schedule an appointment to bring your car in, or call us if you have any other questions.

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