How Do I Find Out How Much My Car Is Worth JFR carsHow do I find out how much my car is worth in today’s market place?

If you find yourself wondering about the value of your car you may be in the market for a new vehicle and want to verify the true market value of your vehicle.

Before you start the journey to find out how much your car is worth this may be of interest to you…

If you need cash for your car today this may help you.

Not Knowing The Value Of Your Vehicle Can Cost You

Let me explain…

If you are selling a vehicle, you could lose money by not knowing the value. Or, you could be sitting on a car that won’t sell because it is priced too high, and this too can be frustrating.

Here Are Some Suggestions You Will Want To Take A Look At

Begin by doing a search on the three most popular websites for determining the value of your car. They are the Kelley Blue Book, The NADA guide and the Black Book. These sites are easy to navigate around and will walk you through the process by asking a few questions.

The sites will ask the following:

*Your zip code, your region may differ in prices over another region.

*Year, make and model of the vehicle you are searching a market value for.

*Size of engine.

*Mileage of the car.

*Any extras on the vehicle such as alloy wheels, sunroof, automatic door locks and windows.

*The condition of the vehicle you are looking for; Good, Fair or Poor.

With the information you gather from these three sites you will have the answers to the value and worth of your car in today’s market place.

Whether you are buying or selling a used car, this information can be used to help save you money. If you are interested in saving some time as well as money, there is another way to find the value of your car and selling it for the best price.

If you want to sell you car without the hassle then you might want to consider using an auto consignment program. There are a limited number of dealers who will sell your car and do all the work for you, including analyzing the fair market value.

Why not get help from someone who knows and understands used cars? These dealers are in the used car business and have the expertise to determine the value of a car. They buy and sell cars everyday so they know what is really going on.

The Bottom Line Is…

If you are trying to determine the value of your car preparing for either a sale or a purchase, a dealer that offers a consignment program may be just what you are looking for. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to do a market analysis on your car and let you know what vehicles like yours are selling for in your area.

Check it out…you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

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