How can I sell my car without all the hassle?

To get the most money out of your car, you may want to consider a consignment car sales program. Here at JFR Consignment Car Sales we offer a solution to selling your car that is a easy and hassle free.

And usually get you more money for it then if you traded it in to a dealer.

Most people believe there are only two ways to get rid of their old car: selling it themselves or trading it in.

When it comes to selling it yourself you may not have the time or desire to so. Sure, you might make more money then trading it in; but you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the extra time and work to do it?

It definently is much easier taking it to a dealership, getting a check or trading it in towards a new purchase, and never having to worry about it again.

Here’s A Third Way To Sell Your Car

Here at JFR Consignment Car Sales you get the best of both worlds without any of the stress or hassle.

Follow these three easy steps…

1. Contact us and we’ll do all the work

Send us an email or call 720-266-4943 and tell us about your car. Once we have the information we will do a market analysis to determine the “real value” of your vehicle. We have access to software that tells us what vehicles like yours are actually selling for in this market place.

This way we can get a real value for what your car should bring.

Kelly Blue Book, the NADA book and looking at what cars like yours, are listed for only gives you an idea of what your car might be worth. Just because a car is listed at a given price does not mean that is what they are selling for.

At this point we’ll decide if it makes sense for you to use our Consignment Car Sales program or not.

2. Bring your car to our office

Next step is to bring your car into our office so we can confirm the value. We have a full detail and service area so we can do a safety inspection on your car and a professional detail to help get the most money for it.

Once your car is detailed we will take about 40 to 50 magazine quality photos to put online. We make sure your car looks great.

3. Go about your daily life as usual

We market your vehicle, set appointments for showing it, do the demo rides, and handle all the paper work.

We offer financing for the person that wants to buy your car, thus making it really easy for them to purchase.

Most people need to get rid of their old car before buying your car. We will take their vehicle in on trade to make the sale of your car.

You can go on with your life as we handle all the details of selling your vehicle.

Once we have a good buyer we will bring you their offer, and you get accept it, decline it or make a counter offer.

When everyone agrees on the price we will handle all the paper work for the transaction and make sure their money is good. (You never have to worry about bad checks or being defrauded.)

It really is a much easier way to selling your vehicles.

This really is a trouble free way to sell your vehicles.

The JFR Consignment Car Sales program makes selling your vehicles easier and without all the problems of doing it yourself.