We offer a very simple flat rate price to consign your vehicle.

Consignment Selling Fee and Service Pricing

Our Consignment Selling Fee is eight percent (8%) of the sale price of the vehicle with a minimum of $1,200 selling fee.

The Consignment Selling Fee is not paid until the vehicle is sold and will be deducted out of the proceeds of the sale.

Safety Inspection                       $40.00
Professional Detailing               $135.00 and up
Advertising & Marketing           $199.00 (for 90 days)

Marketing and service work is paid for when the vehicle is consigned.

We have certified technicians in house that will do a thorough safety inspection to make sure your car is safe and road worthy. The better condition of your vehicle the easier it is to sell.

All work to get your car ready for sale is paid up front when you sign the consignment agreement. If you have a broken windshield we can also help you get it replaced at a discounted rate, usually saving you money.

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Here at JFR Consignment Car Sales we are here to help you with all your automotive needs.

If you are looking at selling your car on consignment, trading it in, buying another new or used car – we are here.

No hassle, no stress and no high pressure.

Also, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Discover for yourself what makes us different and why people who use our service never go anywhere else.

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