Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about what we do.

My car was in an accident, can I still consign it with you?

Yes, as long as it was a minor accident and was professionally repaired.

What documents do I need to consign my car with you?

We need a copy of your driver’s license, the registration and the title if you have it. We will also need to know if you owe a balance on your vehicle and the name of the lender.

How long does it normally take you to sell my car?

Usually with our recommended pricing, on an average, it takes around 3 to 5 weeks. We find that if your vehicle is priced competitively we will sell it quickly for you.


Can I consign my car with you if it has a branded title (salvage, fire, flood, etc.)?

Sorry, we don’t sell vehicles that have branded titles.

How soon do I get paid after you sell my vehicle?

If there are no liens on your vehicle and you have the title we can pay you within 24 hours. If we are paying off your lien we must first get the title from your lender before we can pay you.


What if someone offers less than what I want for my vehicle?

We bring all offers to you and you can accept or decline them. We do screen the offers and won’t bring you anything that isn’t a reasonable offer.


What happens if my vehicle doesn’t sell during the 90 day period?

Our standard listing fee of $199 runs for 90 days. After that you have the option to renew for another 90 days for $199. Most of our vehicles sell within the first listing if they are listed at our recommended prices.


My car has frame damage and was repaired, can you sell it for me?

Sorry, we don’t sell any vehicles with frame damage. However, we may be able to offer you options where you can sell your vehicle.


What happens if you don’t get any calls or interest on my vehicle?

If your vehicle isn’t generating any calls or emails we will advise you on what we believe you should do to get more interest. We monitor our responses weekly and will let you know what’s going on with your vehicle in the market place.


My car has altered mileage or TMU (True Mileage Unknown) can you sell it for me?

Sorry, we don’t sell any vehicles with unverifiable mileage. However, we may be able to offer some options to help you sell your vehicle.


I am moving out of the State or the Country, can I consign my car with you?

Yes. We often help people sell their vehicles who are moving out of the area. We need a way to contact you with any offers and a forwarding address to send the final paper work to you.


I have a lien/loan/lease on my car, do I have to pay it off myself ?

No you don’t need to pay it off. When we get a client that wants your car, we will call and get a 10-day payoff and make the payoff for you.


What happens if I decide I want to sell my car myself before the consignment agreement has expired?

As long as there are no pending sales on your vehicle we will terminate your agreement as long as all fees and any service work on your vehicle is paid.


Can I cancel the insurance on my car when I consign it with you?

Sorry no you can’t cancel it, you need to keep your insurance on your car until it is sold.


Do I have to get my car ready for sale by detailing it and getting it safety inspected?

No, we can do all of this for you. We have certified technicians and detailers on site. This way you don’t have to worry about getting the work done. You can just leave your vehicle with us and we will handle everything for you.


Do I have control over saying what final price my car will sell for?

Yes. We bring you the offer and you can accept it, counter offer or decline it. We are a bonded and licensed dealer with the State of Colorado and pride ourselves on our world class service and integrity.


Can I just stop in anytime and consign my vehicle with you?

No, it’s better to call or email us and set up an appointment. This way you won’t be waiting around and we can take care of you promptly by getting you in and out in a timely manner.


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For any other questions, please email us or call us at 720-266-4943.