How Do I Consign My Car JFR CarsHow do I consign my car?

If you are considering consigning your car you could be saving yourself a lot of time and money.

Selling your car yourself can be time consuming and cost you money.

Selling cars on consignment means having a dealer do all the work for you.

Why not let the professionals sell your vehicle? Dealerships that offer a consignment program sell vehicles each and every day, they are the experts.

The salespeople have the means and the skills to sell your car quicker and easier.

If you need cash for your car today this may be of interest to you.

This Is What You Need To Do

How do I consign my car? The answer to this can be explained as you continue to read this article.

To begin with find a dealership in your area that offers a consignment program. Although not all dealers offer this, these programs are becoming more and more popular because of the increase in used car sales.

To consign your car, speak with the dealer and discuss the fees. Some will charge a percentage of the sale price, some will charge a flat fee and some use a sliding fee scale.

Discover if there are upfront fees which may include the car preparation and ad fees. In any situation you will want to know what you are dealing with so that you can determine the best option for you.

Find Out What The Dealer Can And Can’t Do For You

Next, go over what preparation the dealer will do to get the car ready for sale. This could include such things as a market analysis to help price your car. In addition, some dealers will service, detail and run a safety inspection. Find out if the dealer will provide a history report that they can present to the prospective buyer.

All these methods of preparation will help to get the most money for your car.

Discuss what types of advertising the dealer will use to sell your car. You may want to find a dealer that uses as many sources as possible so that your car gets the maximum exposure.

This compared to a dealership that only places a few ads and simply allows the car to sit on their lot, this would be a disadvantage to you. Obviously, the more resources the dealership uses, the quicker your car will sell for you.

Some dealers offer a program that includes an offer and acceptance program. Since not everyone uses this in their consignment, this is a great question to ask. The way this works is that the dealer will bring all reasonable offers to you so that you have the choice to accept or counter offer.

This too, will bring you top dollar for the sale of your car. Let’s face it most people expect room for bargaining when it comes to buying a car.

The Bottom Line Is…

These points can help answer the question, “How do I consign my car?” The pros have the experience and ability to sell your car; it may be a good idea to have them do it for you.

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