Consignment Car Sales Program More Exposure JFR CarsA consignment car sales program could get you more exposure marketing, then most people get by selling their own vehicle.

A successful consignment dealer will already have a good marketing program in place to advertise your car.

Here’s what our marketing plan looks like.

Before you agree to have a dealership sell your car make sure you understand the consignment agreement and what all your options are before you sign on the dotted line. Some dealers will even get your car ready for sale by having it detailed and safety inspected for you, so you don’t need to do this.

Consignment Car Sales Program Tips For Making Sure You Get The Most Money For Your Vehicle

Before you decide to sell you car with just anyone you may want to consider the following.

1. Search for a dealership that offers a consignment car sales program. Some dealers will show your car on their lot and others will simply showcase it on popular online websites.

2. Ask the dealership about the terms of their consignment agreement. You will want to know about length of the agreement, what sites they advertise on, types of vehicles they accept and the condition of these vehicles. Also ask about any administrative fees and what your options are if the vehicle doesn’t sell.

3. Take your vehicle to the dealership so they can inspect it and get a real value for you. Make sure your vehicle is clean so they can take pictures of it for marketing purposes.

4. Talk about what commission will be paid and when it is paid. Also ask if they will make any payoffs for you should you owe a balance on your vehicle.

5. If everything sounds good to you and is acceptable then sign the agreement to consign your vehicle to the dealer.

Check for updates with the dealer so you know what is going on with your vehicle. It may be necessary to adjust the price as time goes on to see if you can get a buyer.

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