Cars On Consignment JFR CarsCars on consignment can be a good deal for the buyer for many reasons that we will touch on in this article.

Today many people are choosing to buy a used car over a car fresh off the assembly line.

This is because many people don’t want to take the big hit on depreciation that comes with buying a brand new vehicle. Buying used makes good financial sense and today many are learning to make better choices to help save money.

Buying a quality used car can save you lots of money, and cars on consignment are a great way to purchase your next used vehicle.

Here are some of the types of vehicles you can find on consignment.

There are advantages to buying a consignment vehicle over purchasing from a private party.

Cars On Consignment Benefits

To begin with, a dealer that offers these vehicles will most likely have a large selection of cars to choose from, all in one place. There is no need for you to make several calls and run all over town trying to find what you want.

Cars on consignment are usually gone over thoroughly by the dealer to prepare them for sale. The dealer will do a market analysis to make sure the car is priced right in today’s market place. They also check the car out by doing a safety inspection to make sure the car is sound and road worthy.

With a private party, you will have to do all of this on your own to see if you are getting a good car and a fair deal.

With these cars, the licensed dealer will do everything they can to ensure you don’t get a lemon. If you purchase from a private party you have no guarantee that the vehicle has been checked out. If you purchase a lemon from a private party you will have little protection or recourse.

This Advantage For The Dealer Can Also Help You Out

One big benefit to buying these cars is that the dealer doesn’t have any money invested in the vehicle. This is advantage to the buyer because the dealer isn’t trying to make a big mark up on the vehicle to cover their overhead like they do on cars they own.

Another advantage of purchasing a used car on this program from a dealer is that the dealer will run a history report to provide for you on the vehicle. Most private party’s selling a used car will not run this for you.

Since it is a great idea to have this information so that you are aware of any prior damage to the car, you may want to do this yourself. This could cost you an additional $35-$45 dollars.

The final added plus is that the dealer will handle all the paperwork for you to transfer the title. This will be handled by a professional so that the filing will happen in accordance to the title transfer laws in your state.

With a private party you have no promise this will happen and in fact, you may have to do it yourself. Here too, this could cost you more money and time.

The Bottom Line Is…

Purchasing cars on consignment could be a very wise choice over buying from a private party. You can save yourself time and money buying through the dealer.

And, the biggest benefit is the peace of mind you get knowing that the dealer provide a dependable car at a fair price for you.

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