Car Consignment JFR carsCar consignment for busy people – the easy way to sell your car.

Due to the increasing demand for quality used cars, more and more people are turning to a consignment program to sell their vehicles.

This way you can sell your vehicles for more money and not have to do the all work.

There are some things you want to be aware of if you are considering selling your used vehicle on consignment. More answers and questions about auto consignments.

To begin with there are some dealerships that offer this program and some who do not. Locating a licensed dealer that does car consignment is the best place to start. Be sure the dealership is licensed to protect yourself and the person that buys your vehicle.

Besides this…here are some other things you will want to consider

What are the Fees

Once you have located someone that has this program available you may want to thoroughly discuss the fees they will charge. The monies charged will vary. Some with charge a percentage of the vehicle once it is sold. Others will charge a flat rate to cover the costs involved and make a little profit. Some will charge you a fee even if the vehicle is not sold; I suggest you be sure you are clear on what this may be so that you are not overcharged for their efforts.

Length of the Time Period

It is suggested you discuss the length of time the dealer will continue to try and sell your car. Most often there are 30, 60 and 90 day programs offered. Some will offer to keep the vehicle until it is sold.

I have to admit that most dealers will not offer this situation because it could become too costly for them holding your vehicle in their inventory for that length of time. Also, this type of agreement may be a sign of the efforts they will put forward to sell your car.

Discuss what happens if they do not sell the vehicle during the period you agree to. They may have options such as buying the car from you wholesale. This would be a wise conversation to have.

Where do they Advertise

Finally inquire about where they will be advertising your vehicle. I have heard of some consignment dealers who use as many as 50 or 60 ad resources and this would give maximum exposure to sell the vehicle. A variety in types of advertising methods will also give you an advantage and help your car sell more quickly.

These are some things to consider when selling your vehicle using a car consignment program.

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