Cars Consignmemt Program JFR CarsA cars consignment program could be the answer to selling your vehicle without all the hassle.

If you are looking to sell your vehicle, a car consignment program may be the answer for you.

Consigning your car rather than selling it yourself could save you some of your precious time as well as some green cash.

When people consider getting a new car, there is most often the decision as to what to do with the old set of wheels. Basically there are three choices: trade it in, sell it outright or a car consignment program.

If you need cash for your car today this may be of interest to you.

This May Be The Easiest Solution – But Not Always The Best For You

While trading your old vehicle in is probably the easiest choice, the chances are good that you will get less because you are getting a wholesale price for it. The good news is you don’t need to bother with it anymore.


If you are going to sell your car by yourself…it comes with a lot of work.

With selling your vehicle by yourself comes the expense of marketing and getting it ready for sale. Advertising it on several online sources will cost you, but you want to make sure you get sufficient exposure to sell the vehicle quickly. If no one see your vehicle you won’t get any calls.

Now comes the preparing of the car in order to get the best price, closest to the market value as possible. For this you most likely will have the cost of having the car serviced to avoid the rattle, rattle, bang, bang as prospective drivers test drive the car. Servicing the car can be expensive but is necessary in order to get the most for your car.

Next will be the process of detailing the car so that it looks new and shinny. This will cost you to have it done professionally, or sweat equity if you do it yourself.

Now comes the best part, there will be the endless calls at all hours of the night and day. The continuous answering questions and describing your car over and over gets tiring. Then there is the appointment setting process, of which many will not give you a courtesy call to tell you they cannot make it.

Selling your car yourself can be a real time-consuming headache.

This May Be The Perfect Solution To Your Problem

On the other hand… a cars consignment program may very well be the perfect antidote for you.

Some dealers offer a car consignment program where they will do the work for you. Dealerships are in the business of selling cars and have the expertise to sell your car for the most possible money as well as sell the car more quickly. This saves you time and money.

Contact a local dealer who offers a consignment program, pay them a visit and review their agreement. Chances are, after reviewing the terms and how they work, you may decide this type of program is the answer for you.

The Truth Is…

A cars consignment program can give you peace of mind and leave you with more time on your hands and money in your pocket.

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